Saturday, February 18, 2012

Vintage 1958 Brother Sewing Machine

So, my other sewing machine, a Singer 411G, was causing me some frustration. It came in a small cabinet, and I'd been on the hunt for a larger desk for it, with drawers for storage. I finally found one, the dimensions seemed right, and the person who sold it to me said it was a Singer cabinet. Turns out that wasn't the case, as my machine fit when it was in the raised position, but it wouldn't lower into the cabinet. While on the hunt for a new desk, I ran across an ad for this vintage Brother Super Streamliner. I knew next to nothing about Brother sewing machines, but I just couldn't pass up this adorable machine. And did I mention it's pink?!

It came in a wonderful desk with 3 good sized drawers for storage, as well as two metal tins full of accessories. One of the tins had about a dozen different foot attachments, including a ruffler (I've been wanting one!) and several sizes of hemmers. And I was thrilled to discover that my low-shank walking foot from my old Singer machine fits it. I'm glad I decided to keep  it instead of selling it when that old machine broke. I also got a handful of bobbins, the attachments' book, and the original machine manual.

It was pretty grimy when I got it, but I've got it all cleaned up, oiled up, and running like a dream :-) The finish is mostly in fantastic condition, with some nicks on the machine bed and some wear on the feed knob. The decals are all pristine. And I absolutely LOVE just how 50's this machine is, from the chrome detailing, to the grills, to the awesome Brother logo, to the milkshake pink colour. It looks like it should be sitting on the table of a rockin' 50's diner. Maybe I was born in the wrong decade, I think I was meant to be a teen in the 50's!

oh, and check out the neat telescopic spool pin! Slides down, and then pops back up with a touch. Fun!