Thursday, April 26, 2012

Brother Super StreamLiner Sewing Machine Manual

I've had the great pleasure "meeting" several wonderful people online in the last several weeks because of my new vintage Brother machine. I've had the opportunity to oogle several different "brothers" to my machine, which are identical except for being an awesome blue colour instead of a lovely pink like mine.

One thing I found when searching out information online, is that many people who manage to acquire one of these great machines aren't lucky enough to also acquire the manual. I love to see a great vintage machine being used and loved, and it's easier to do so when you have the manual! So I'm happy to provide a copy of this one. Feel free to download it, save it, print it... just please don't offer it up for sale. Special thanks to Kim from The Sassy Crafter, for providing me with the 2 pages my manual was missing and allowing me to add them to the document.

If you download the manual, I'd love to see your machine! Leave me a comment with a link!

Download the manual here!