Saturday, May 5, 2012

Grandview Bag (aka RUFFLES!)

After my first attempt didn't turn out quite as planned, I made a trip to the fabric store to find something inspiring for a second try. I immediately fell in love with some pink crushed velvet, but was put off by the price tag of $24.99/meter... WAY more than I ever spend on fabric. I'm more of a half-off-$9.99/meter kind of girl LOL. After perusing the whole store, though, all I could think of was that pink crushed velvet. Finally I decided to splurge and get a meter. Imagine my delight when the employee at the cutting table informed me it was on sale for $9.99/meter, and that for members it was also Buy One, Get 2 Free. Woot! Now I have over 2 meters left and no idea what to do with it LOL I'm sure something will come up at some point, though!

So, once again, a Grandview Bag from The Boy Trifecta. I scaled down the pattern significantly, probably about 50-60%. Added a recessed zipper (excellent tutorial I always use, from U-Handbag) and lining in a pretty cotton fabric. And of course, the ruffles! I'm so madly in love with them, and with the ruffler attachment that came with my vintage Brother machine.

Here's my finished bag. I've already gotten tons of compliments and "Where did you buy that bag?" from people. Love being able to say "oh, thank you, I made it myself!"

This afternoon I'm heading back to my mother-in-law's to finish sewing my first ever garment, a top for myself. I'm making it out of a knit fabric, which I've never used before. None of my machines have a stretch stitch option for sewing with knits, so I'm using her newer Kenmore machine. If I find I'll be using knit fabrics more often, I might have to buy an inexpensive newer machine with a stretch stitch function just for that purpose. We'll see. Hopefully I'll have photos of that tomorrow!


  1. Chez Roo's blog led me to yours. I absolutely love your velvet bag. I absolutely must make one...